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What We Do

Greek Citizenship Made Easy

V.I.P Golden Visa Services is a premier provider of both Visa and Citizenship

Services* We offer a comprehensive suite of services streamlining the Golden

Visa and Citizenship processes, often on an expedited timeline to get your Greek

Citizenship, and other legal documentation in as little as 60 days.

Golden Visa Greece Benefits

  • Right to live in Greece 

  • Visa-Free travel with Greece Residence Permit 

  • Family Reunificaiton

  • The double taxation treaty

  • Low Investment Threshold in a Promising Real Estate Market

What is A Golden Visa?

A Golden Visa is a type of immigration process designed to allow wealthy

individuals obtain residence permits, and even permanent citizenship, in another

country through the purchase of property, sizeable investments, and even


V.I.P Concierge Services

  • Airport Pickup and Transportation in Greece

  • Hotel Accommodations

  • Property Excursions to view potential investment properties

  • Advisors

  • Property Management

  • Ancillary Services

What Sets Us Apart

  • We understand that obtaining citizenship in any country is a complex and time-consuming process. At V.I.P. Golden Visa Services we focus on providing services to make this process quicker and more efficient, including:

  • Property Acquisition – our team of Greek Real Estate Agents is ready andable to find you a property in Greece that matches both your needs and budget.

  • Bank Account Formation – An often overlooked, but crucial step, creating a bank account demonstrates our financial stability and commitment to becoming a Greek citizen.

  • Obtaining your Greek Tax ID Number (AFM Number) – This is the number that identifies an individual or legal entity in Greece, and used throughout the country to pay taxes, work, study, and is the number that the tax authorities use. ALL foreign companies are required to have an

  • AFM number to legally operate within Greek territories.

Real Estate Investment

  • A minimum of 250,000 to purchase a real estate property in Greece except in municipalities in Athens, Thessaloniki, Mykonos, and Santorini. This can be invested in one or across multiple properties.

  • A minimum 500,000 to purchase a real estate property in municipalities in Athens, Thessaloniki, Mykonos, and Santorini as July 31st, 2023. This needs to invested in one single property. 

  • 10 years of lease agreement, whether signed for hotel accommodations or furnished tourist residences in integrated tourist resorts.

Real Estate Options

  • An investment in real estate property with a minimum Cale of EUR 250,000 plus the applicable taxes. Alternatively, a minimum of EUR 5000, in Mykonos,  Santorini, Thessaloniki, and most municipalities in Athens

  • A 10-year lease agreement for hotel accommodation or furnished tourist residences in tourist accommodation complexes (Article 8 of Law 4000/2001)

  • A 10-year time-sharing agreement for hotel Accommodation(Law 1652/1986)

Eligibility Criteria for Greece Golden Visa Program

  • Be a non-EU/EEA country citizen

  • Be at least 18 years of age

  • Have a clean criminal record 

  • Have medical insurance for yourself and your family 

  • Be of good Character

Qualifying Events for a Greek Golden Visa

  •  A real estate purchase starting at 250,000 euros

  •  An executed lease agreement for a minimum of ten years

  • An investment of 400,000 – 800,000 euros

  • Any registered company in Greece

  • Greek Government Bonds

  • Investment bonds or shares of real estate investment companies

  • As a deposit in a Greek Bank or Financial Institution

Requited Documents for Greece Residency by Investment 

  • Certified copy of valid passport or travel documents recognized by Greece

  • a fee paid and obtained through the "e-Paravolo" platform

  • A processing fee was paid and obtained through the "e-Paravolo 

  • Certification by an insurance agency for the cost of hospitalization and medical care

  • Insurance contracts that have been signed in Greece

Extended Benefits of the Greek Golden Visa

  • An alternative path to Greek Citizenship, with residency being granted after just a

few months.

  • Low government fees

  •  Low renewal fees

  • Asset diversification


  • Visa Free Travel through the EU Schengen zone

  • How long do you need to live in Greece to renew the Golden Visa?

  •  Permanent residency permits obtained through the Golden Visa are valid for a five

year term, while also maintaining your investments.

  • If your visa was provided through a real estate investment, you must

maintain full ownership of the property.

  • If your visa was provided through other investments or leases, you will

need to ensure that all executed leases and contracts are still valid and

meet government requirements.

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