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Meet Our Team

Leonidas Flangas 


A graduate of the University of Southern California, Leo majored in International Relations and

Business prior to attending Santa Clara University. He was admitted to the Nevada Bar in 1995,

and was immediately thrown into his father’s thriving legal practice that has been a community

staple in Las Vegas since 1958. Quickly becoming an experienced trial attorney, Leo has been

litigating cases and running two successful law offices, while also litigating cases in Arizona,

Utah, and California on a pro hac vice basis.

When he isn’t litigating cases Leo enjoys being a pilot, and has been flying planes since the age

of 13. He also enjoys spending time with his wife, three children, and four dogs, and pursuing a

myriad of other business ventures.


Woman Smiling in Suit

A graduate of Aristoteles university in Thessaloniki in civil law, who works the last year as a real estate agent with investors abroad. She is the owner of the website, knows well the procedure of golden visa for foreigners in Greece. She can find for you the suitable property and finish all the procedure in order to get permanent residence in the land of the cods. (according greek literature and mythology this is Greece.).elda s moto is Thomas s Jefferson quote “the harder i work,the more luck I find in my life

Dennis Milesis


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Illias Papalios

Clean Cut Man

lias is a graduate of Aristoteles University in Thessaloniki with master in Civil law.Ilias has studied property law also in University in Napoli,Italy and speaks very well the Italian lanquage. He works as a lawyer in civil,real estate and property law.lias favorite moto is Neil de Grasse Tyson quote"Follow the evidence wherever it leads ‚and question everything".

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